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Embellish your favorite crafts with this handheld electric HotFix Rhinestone Applicator.

Kandi's Crystal Crafter® Rhinestone Crystal Applicator is fast and affordable.

Embellish your favorite items with the hot electric applicator for hotfix rhinestones

  • 1 Hotfix Applicator Crystal Crafter 

  • 7 precision tips

  • 1 hand-free support

Kandi's Crystal Crafter® comes with these 7 precision tips

  • 6ss (2mm)
  • 10ss (3mm)
  • 16ss (4mm) 
  • 20ss (5mm)
  • 34ss (7mm)
  • 1 flat tips (4mm)
  • 1 flat tips (9mm)

1 stand-free support 

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