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Nathalie was born in the world of creation, from a young age her passion for creation is very strong. She observes and creates with her mother a seamstress clothes for her and her sister. She started creating her daughter's figure skating dresses with the help of her mentor, Ms. Cabana, a few years ago.
The difficulty of finding quality products at reasonable prices has given the motivation to develop and create its own range of Rhinestones (crystal).
After many months of development and testing with other experts in the field, she managed to have quality products designed for her own creations. Preferred and tested by experts, our products equivalent to the best known brand at lower price.
Nathalie created illaminous to meet the needs of the people here. She has a passion for art and expresses her love for the fashion industry with the crystals she creates.
A remarkable service at the heart of our philosophy, making the life of professionals and non-professionals easier with our products, resources and tools and for each of them to create creations at the height of their full potential.
Today, illaminous offers quality products at very reasonable prices across Canada. A fully bilingual website for Quebeckers and Canadians and also help with our chat, email or phone service.
Our products are adored by our customers and used in different areas of creation:
  • Dance dress, Figure skating dress, Swimsuit, Makeup brush, Christmas ball, Mirror, Glasses, Decorative accessories.
The reaction of our customers is unanimous, he loves the illaminous products for their qualities, as well as the personalized service.

The other advantages illaminous?


1. Preferred products and tested by experts

  • Quality Products at a reasonable price equivalent to the best-known brand without any complex and adored by the experts
  • A full range of products: hotfix rhinestones (fusible), flatback rhinestones (flat back), sew on rhinestones (sewing), craft syringe, heating applicator, pickup stick, sorting triangle, glue e6000.


2. Canadian business with a personalized service that understands your needs

  • Chat service with quick answers to your questions as well as our email replies in 24 hours. Phone support available
  • If necessary we can make an explanatory video free of charge


3. Prices in Canadian dollars at no extra charge 

  • No customs clearance fee
  • No charge for credit card conversion or PayPal
  • No Currency Conversion Fee (US to CAD) 


4. Quality Delivery

  • Your order is prepared the day of your purchase and sent the next morning (Monday to Friday)
  • We are now offering different shipping options
    • all orders between 75$ and 99$: Expedited Shipping 8$ Flat Rate
    • order over 100$: Free Expedited Shipping
    • order over 100$: 8$ XpressPost Shipping
    • order over 250$: Free XpressPost Shipping
    • all orders under 75$: estimated cost from Canada Post
  • On request a delivery in one day
  • Tracking Number and guaranteed

Learn more about our deliveries:  more details about our delivery

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