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Flatback Rhinestones, Hotfix Rhinestones and Sew On Rhinestones i3000 series by illaminous are available in a wide range of colors and coatings. 

illaminous fashion Jewellery Stones is one of the most brilliant and durable in the marketplace.

This is especially true for our illaminous i3000 and i7000 product line,  and its spectacular optical-aesthetic properties shine above the competition.

Flatback Rhinestones and Hotfix Rhinestones

i3000 has a perfect round stone with an original patented 12-facet cut which is foiled with the durable layer for both i3000 Hotfix Rhinestones and i3000 Flatback Rhinestones.

Sew On Rhinestones

The series of i7000 Sew On Rhinestones are available in a large number of shapes, colors, and sizes. They are recognized for their exceptional shine and it presents more intense Ab coatings.



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i3000HF by illaminous are available in 54 amazing colors.