Maintenance & care


illaminous | Hotfix Rhinestones

Care of fabrics with Hotfix, FlatBack and sew-on Rhinestones. 

The i3000 HotFix 12 cut Rhinestones, FlatBack and sew-on by illaminous come complete with a high quality foiled layer. When all applications rules are observed, the rhinestones stay fabulous a very long time and the adhesive is  resistant to the following maintenance techniques. 


Rhinestones Mantenance and Care | Washing


Washing: Before washing textile products with glass stones, turn them inside out. Use gentle washing cycle (60 / 140˚F), and to avoid the stones being damaged, put the product into     soft bag (flannel).

Rhinestones Mantenance and Care | Ironing


Ironing: To protect the rhinestones from damage, first cover them with soft flannel cloth. Set the iron to a maximum of 150 (302˚F). Do not apply heat directly to the stones too long as the adhesive might melt.

  Rhinestones Mantenance and Care | Drying


Drying: Before drying textile products with stones, turn them inside out, and to avoid the stones being damaged, put the products into a soft flannel bag. In a tumbler dryer, use a low temperature and a gentle drying cycle.

 Rhinestones Mantenance and Care | Bleaching

Bleaching: To avoid damage to textile products and the stones, do not use chloride bleach. 

Rhinestones Mantenance and Care | Cleaning

Cleaning: Textile products with stones can be dry-cleaned, using perchlorethylene. This technique requires utmost caution.


Rhinestones Mantenance and Care | Solvent

Using solvents: Textile products with stones can be dry-cleaned, using hydrocalumites. This technique also requires utmost caution - turbot the products inside out and put them into a soft flannel bag.


Rhinestones Mantenance and Care | Cleaning

Professional wet-cleaning: Textile products with stones can be cleaned at a professional cleaner.


While maintenance textile products with illaminous, it is absolutely necessary to follow the  maintenance symbols attaches to each garment. In those cases when the values given in the pictograms on the garment exceed the values given in these instructions, it is necessary to adapt them to the values stipulated by illaminous.