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illaminous Crystal Expert GLUE 10 SYRINGES & 12 TIPS Kit and E6000 glue

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Crystal Expert GLUE 10 SYRINGES & 12 TIPS Kit and e6000 Glue by illaminous

Why "illaminous Rhinestones Expert GLUE SYRINGES & TIPS" is the perfect kit everyone should have?

Top 2 Reasons

  1. Tested by our experts, you can easily refill over and over your "i-S5 Glue Applicator  by illaminous"
  2. Used by professional and easy to use by non-professional 

It's the fastest and easiest method used over the last 25 years in crafts and costume makers for Figure Skating, Gymnastics, Dance, art, shoes, mirror and much more.

Working perfectly with E6000 glue

Product detail:

  • (10) 5ml Luer Lock Glue Applicator 1/2" (Syringe)
  • (4) 14 Gauge Applicator Large Tip 1/2" (Needle) Luer Lock
  • (4) 16 Gauge Applicator Medium Tip 1/2" (Needle) Luer Lock
  • (4) 18 Gauge Applicator Small Tip 1/2" (Needle) Luer Lock
  • E6000 clear - 104.9 ml