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LIGHT ROSE SS20 FLATBACK (Non-Hotfix) Rhinestones i3000

You will discover an exceptional level of reflection and brilliance.

  • i3000FB rhinestones series designed by illaminous in Canada
  • designed with an ideal cut such as a diamond
  • rhinestones cut maximizes brightness by amplifying refraction of light.
  • angles and the shining of all rhinestones determine its ability to manipulate light, resulting in exceptional multi-faceted shine.
  • Flat back (non-hotfix) rhinestones can be attached to the fabrics with our i-S5 Syringe Applicator and glue like E6000
  • waiting time depends on the amount of glue you put and the type of fabric.
  • i3000FB is a perfect roundness stone with 12 face cuts. This rhinestone is perfect for any fashion application unrivaled optical-aesthetic properties, exceptional versatility and outstanding durability.

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i3000HF by illaminous are available in 54 amazing colors.