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Celebrate the magic of the festive season with this 3 beautiful Santa Claus Christmas Ornament . This perfect classic trio are made with our rhinestones, 1 small round ornament with Light Siam & White Opal, 1 Special Shape with Emerald & Crystal, 1 large round with White Half-Pearl Ceramic.

This Christmas ornaments has been made by illaminous and would look wonderful on your Christmas tree or any standing support. It is decorated with hundreds of each rhinestones colors and ceramic half-pearl and set by hand  – We making each piece truly unique and luxurious, hanging these elegant Ornaments with a white satin ribbon.

All our Christmas Ball Ornament have been made with creativity, care, attention to detail and love. You can purchase these Christmas Ornaments set of 3, or individually if you preferred. 

We customized Christmas Ball Ornaments and we have various colors finishes, Gold Champagne & White Opal, Light Siam & White Opal, Emerald & Crystal, White Half-Pearl & Crystal AB, White Half-Pearl and Rose Gold illaminous rhinestones and we can customized on demand. 

I worked hard to bring you some breathtaking  design and our Christmas Ball Ornaments will always remain in fashion and can be passed from generation to generation. 

1 Small: Light Siam and White Opal rhinestones - 7cm Diameter

1 Special Shape: Emerald and Crystal rhinestones - 8cm x 8cm

1 Large: White Ceramic Half-Pearl  - 9cm Diameter

 Shpping included with this trio