How to Bling Your Figure Skating Dress [Amazing Result]

You want to add crystals to an existing or new dress? why not, you can do it yourself. Not sure yet? first of all, read this article and if your not convinced feel free leave me your comments and questions 


It’s up to you, you can add bling to an existing dress, create it or buy the base of your figure skating dress.


Make the plan for your creation ...

  • How many rhinestones do you want to apply on your dress?
  • How big do you want it?
  • How many colors?
  • Draw your plan and measure

Hotfix Rhinestones or Flatback Rhinestones

You can use a HotFix Rhinestones applicator or do you prefer to apply FlatBack Rhinestones with glue and precise syringes?

When I create skating dresses, I prefer to use HotFix Crystals because the glue must be applied very precisely and not overflow, but some fabrics are too fragile for the hot glue. You may need to apply FlatBack Crystals on some parts of your dress if some areas require delicacy.


Make a list of all the products you need for your project.

As an example, here are all the materials that I used to complete my creation (dress size 12-13).

Sew On rhinestones Crystals - JET Black

 Hotfix rhinestones Crystals Hotfix rhinestones Crystals - Light Sapphire AB

  • Hotfix Rhinestones SS16
    • Crystal  (1 gross)
    • Light Sapphire AB   (1 gross)
    • White Opal  (1 gross)
  • Hotfix Rhinestones SS20
    • Crystal   (3 gross)
    • Light Sapphire   (3 gross)
    • White Opal   (2 gross)
  • Hotfix Rhinestones SS30
    • Crystal   (1 gross)
    • Light Sapphire   (1 gross)
    • White Opal  (1 gross)
  • Hotfix Rhinestones S40
    • Crystal  (24 pcs)

    Glue e6000 - Hotfix Applicator - Sorting Tray - Pickup Stick - Syringe - Tips Applicator

  • HotFix applicator with tip SS16, SS20, SS30, and SS40

  • idea - illaminousTIPS: When they're so many rhinestones to install, several professionals prefer to use one hotfix applicator for each of the stone's sizes. I used 3 Hotfix applicators to complete this project SS16, SS20, and SS30.

  • Sewing thread according to the color of Rhinestones or take transparent thread

  • Sewing needles

  • Glue E6000 to glue the Sew On so that it stays in the right position when you sew them. In this case, a small amount of glue is sufficient.

  • Craft Syringe 5ml

  • Needle 16 Gauge

  • 1 x Pick-up Stick

  • Triangle Sorting Tray

  • all materials can be found at our illaminous online store 


    Apply the Sew On first to make sure they are installed in their place.

    As in the picture

    How to - Sew On rhinestones Crystals


    Connect your HotFix applicator and perform preliminary tests on a sample of each of the tissues on which you will be applying rhinestones. You must check the time for it to be well applied and if they do not damage the fabric.

    STEP 6 | LET'S DO IT

    Now it's your turn. Apply your rhinestones according to the previous drafted plan.

    Here is the result.

     Figure skating dress - Hotfix Rhinestones - Sew On Rhinestones

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    • Nicky On

      Thank you Nathalie for all the beautiful rhinestones. A huge selection of stones in all colors and shapes. Amazing quality. Very easy to apply. The best service you can get.

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